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Petrochemicals (M) Sdn Bhd (P(M)) is committed to ensure compliance with applicable privacy and personal data protection laws. PM has established the privacy policy below to ensure we manage personal data appropriately and always remaining keenly aware that personal data is valuable information that it holds for our employees, customers, contractors and the third parties with whom we work with.
The core principles set out in our privacy policy is in accordance with applicable laws related to collection, use, processing and storage of personal data :-
  1. To obtain adequate consent from individuals.
  2. To provide individuals with the required notices and information, and verify that their personal data has been obtained lawfully and that it is relevant for the stated purposes.
  3. To keep accurate, complete and up-to-date, the personal data that has been collected and ensure the data collected is not misleading.
  4. To inform individuals concerned when reveal their personal data to third party. No personal data shall be disclosed other than the reason given at the time of collection of the data unless otherwise permitted disclosure under the law.
  5. To retain the personal data that has been collected only for the period necessary to fulfil the relevant purposes unless otherwise permitted or required by applicable laws.
  6. To take reasonable and practical measures to protect personal data from loss, misuse, modification, destruction & accidental access/disclosure.
  7. To provide individuals with the ability to exercise their rights under applicable law, such as rights to access, rectify and/or request the erasure of their personal data, where applicable.
  8. To improve continually the protection of personal data and the structure of our management of personal data.
P(M) shall review and update the policy from time to time in compliance with the requirement of applicable law.
Dated 01.06.2022
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